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International & national collaborative research & synthesis.

Polyploidy & biodiversity

The Ashman Lab is leading an international collaboration to address how polyploidy contributes to biodiversity using wild strawberry (Fragaria) that has centers of diversity in China and North America. This is a collaboration between  Ashman, Liston, Cronn labs in the USA and Li and Dong Labs in China. More information can be found on our project website:

Mechanisms of sex determination

Dr. Ashman is a member of the Tree of Sex consortium that seeks to uncover overarching similarities and key disparities in the evolution of sexual systems and sex chromosomes. See more at

Drivers of of Pollen limitation

Dr. Ashman is co-leading along with Dr. Tiffany Knight and Dr. Janettte Steets an international group to address global and temporal patterns of pollen limitation. Linkig these to causes and consequences is key to sustainabiity and biodiveristy preservation. This is funded by iDiv website:  

Pollen virome

The Ashman lab has partnered with the Pipas lab to study the next viral frontier--pollen grains using a metagenomic and phylogenetic approach.

Pollination in biodiversity hotspots

Dr. Ashman collaborates with Drs. Victor Para Tabla, Conchita Alonso, ad Gerardo Arceo-Gomez to study taxonomic, functional and interaction biodiveristy in species-rich regions of the world.

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