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Ashman Lab Publications

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Recent Publications (2021-2011)


Hayes, R., M. Rebolleda-Gomez, K. Butela, L. Cabo, N. Cullen N. Kaufmann, S. O’Neill, T-L. Ashman 2021 Spatially explicit characterization of an epiphytic bacterial community reveals role for environmental filtering within flower petals. Microbiology Open 


Lanuza, J.B., I. Bartomeus, T-L. Ashman, G. Bible, R. Rader. 2021 Recipient and donor characteristics govern hierarchical structure in a heterospecific pollen competition networks. J of Ecology  


Wei, N. A. Russell, A.R. Jarrett, T-L Ashman 2021 Pollinators mediate floral microbial diversity and network under agrochemical disturbance. Molecular Ecology 


Cullen, N. G. Arceo-Gómez, R. Hayes, R. Kaczorowski, E. O’Neil1, N. Wei, J. Xia and T-L Ashman. 2021. Diversity and composition of pollen loads carried by pollinators are primarily driven by insect traits, not floral community characteristics. Oecologia 


Koski, M. H., D. MacQueen, T-L. Ashman. 2021. Reply to Robson et al.’s correspondence, Floral Bullseyes and Stratospheric Ozone. Current Biology

31 (14), R887-R888 


Meindl, G.A. Mark I. Poggioli, Daniel J. Bain, Michael A. Colon, T-L. Ashman. A test of the Inadvertent Uptake Hypothesis using plant species adapted to serpentine soil. Soil Systems 5 (2), 34 


Wei, N., Arceo-Gómez, R. Kaczorowski R. Hayes, E. O’Neill and T-L Ashman. 2021. Pollinators contribute to the maintenance of flowering plant diversity. Nature 597, 688–692 

Featured in News and Views ‘Pollination advantage of rare plants unveiled’


Rodger,  J. G., T. M. Knight, M. van Kleunen,  J. M. Bennett, M. Razanajatovo., T-L. Ashman, J. A. Steets, C. Hui, G. Arceo-Gómez, M. Burd, L. A. Burkle, J. H. Burns,  W. Durka, L. Freitas, J. E. Kemp, J. Li, A. Pauw, J. C. Vamosi, M. Wolowski, J. Xia,  and A. G. Ellis. 2021. Widespread vulnerability of plant seed production to pollinator declines. Science Advances 7 (42) DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abd3524

Russell, A., A.F. Fetters, E. James, T-L Ashman. 2021. Pollinator effectiveness is affected by intraindividual behavioral variation. Oecologia (185)


Ramos, SE, LD. Rzodkiewicz, MM. Turcotte, T-L Ashman. 2021 Damage and recovery from drift of synthetic-auxin herbicide dicamba depends on concentration and varies among floral, vegetative, and lifetime traits in rapid cycling Brassica rapa. Science of the Total Environment 801:149732 


Hayes, R., N. Cullen, R. Kaczorowski, E. O’Neill and T-L Ashman. 2021. A community-wide description and key of pollen from co-flowering plants of the serpentine seeps of Mclaughlin Reserve. Madrono (in press)


Forrester, N.J. and T-L Ashman. 2020 Synthetic autotetraploids show that polyploidy alters the mutualism interface of legume-rhizobia interactions in Medicago sativa subsp. caerulea. American Journal of Botany 


Rebolleda-Gomez, M. Forrester, N. A. Russell, Wei, N., A Fetters, J. Stephens and T-L. Ashman. 2020 Gazing into the anthosphere: Considering how microbes influence floral evolution. New Phytologist 224: 1012–1020 


Lowry DB, Sobel JM, Angert AL, Ashman T-L, Baker RL, Blackman BK, Brandvain Y Byers KJRP, Cooley AM, Coughlan JM, Dudash MR, Fenster CB, Ferris KG, Fishman L, Friedman J,Grossenbacher DL, Holeski LM, Ivey CT, Kay KM, Koelling VA, Kooyers NJ, Murran CJ, Muir CD, Nelson TC, Peterson ML, Puzey JR, Rotter MC, Yuan Y-W, Seemann JR, Sexton JP, Sheth SN, Streisfeld MA, Sweigart AL, Twyford JP, Vallejo-Marín M, Wu CA, Willis JH, Yuan Y-W. 2020 The case for the continued use of the genus name Mimulus for all monkeyflowers. Taxon 68:617-623 


Wei, N. Z. Du, A. Liston and T-L. Ashman. 2020 Genetic lineage-dependent genome duplication effects on functional traits and fitness in synthetic polyploid Fragaria. American Journal of Botany 107(1): 1–11. 


Fetters, A.M., P. G. Cantalupo, T-L. Ashman and J. M. Pipas. 2020. Coding-complete genome sequence of a pollen-associated virus belonging to the Secoviridae family recovered from a Japanese apricot (Prunus mume) metagenome dataset. Genome Reports. DOI: 10.1128/MRA.00881-19

Liston, A., N. Wei, J. Tennessen, J. Li, M. Dong and T-L Ashman. 2020. Revisiting the origin of the octoploid strawberry. Nature Genetics 52:2-4 


Rebolleda-Gomez, M. and T-L Ashman. 2020. Floral organs act as environmental filters in structuring the microbiome seep monkeyflower (Mimulus guttatus). Molecular Ecology  28:5155-5171 


Angulo-Pérez, D. M. Campos-Navarrete, J. Tun-Garrido, P. Sosenski, C. Alonso, T-L Ashman, G Arceo-Gómez. 2020. The role of alien species on plant-floral visitor pollinator network structure in invaded communities. PLOS One 


 Kattage, J. S. Díaz, S. Lavorel, IC. Prentice, Paul Leadley, G….T-L. Ashman and 641 others. TRY plant trait database - enhanced coverage and open access. Global Change Biology.. 2020; 26:119–188. 


Ashman, T-L., C. Alonso, V. Parra-Tabla and G. Arceo-Gomez. 2020. Pollen on stigmas as proxies of pollinator competition and facilitation: complexities, caveats, and future directions.  Annals of Botany 125: 1003–1012. 


Ashman, T-L. G. Arceo-Gomez, J. Bennet, T.K. Knight. 2020. Is heterospecific pollen receipt the missing link in understanding pollen limitation of plant reproduction? American Journal of Botany 107(6): 1–3 


Streher, N.S., P. J. Bergamo, T-L. Ashman, M. Wolowski, M. Sazima. 2020. Effect of heterospecific pollen on plant post-pollination success depends on the phylogenetic relatedness between donor and recipient. Annals of Botany 


Forrester, N.J., M. Rebolleda-Gómez, J. L. Sachs, and T-L Ashman. 2020. Polyploid plants benefit more from a nutrient acquisition mutualism than diploids by maintaining fitness across diverse partners. New Phytologist 


Iriart, V., R. Baucom and T-L Ashman. 2020 Herbicides as anthropogenic drivers of eco-evo feedbacks in plant communities at the agro-ecological interface. Molecular Ecology special issue on ‘Resistance evolution, from genetic mechanism to ecological context’ 


Fox, D.T., D.E. Soltis, P.S. Soltis, T-L. Ashman, Y. Van de Peer. 2020. Polyploidy: a biological force from cells to ecosystems. Trends in Cell Biology 30: 688-694 


Bennett, J.M., J. A. Steets, J. H. Burns, L. A. Burkle, J. C. Vamosi, M. Wolowski, G. Arceo-Gómez, M. Burd, W. Durka, A. G. Ellis, L. Freitas, J. Li, J. G. Rodger, J. Xia, T. M. Knight, and T-L. Ashman. 2020. Land use and pollinator dependency drives global patterns of pollen limitation in the Anthropocene. Nature Communications 11 (1), 1-6. 


Koski, M. H., D. MacQueen, T-L. Ashman. 2020. The response of floral pigmentation to 75 years of global change in ozone and temperature. Current Biology 30:4425-4431 

Feature written in doi:10.1126/science.abf0151


Lu, Q. J. Liu, L. Chen, D. Yang, J. Shen, J. Li, A. Liston, -L. Ashman, M. Dong. 2020. ABA-regulated ploidy-related genes and non-structural carbon accumulation may underlie cold tolerance in tetraploid Fragaria moupinensis. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 104232 

Parra-Tabla, V, C. Alonso, T-L. Ashman, R. A. Raguso, C. Albor, P. Sosenski, D.Carmona, and G. Arceo-Gómez. 2020.  Pollen transfer networks reveal alien species as main heterospecific pollen donors with fitness consequences for natives.   J of Ecology 109 (2), 939-951 


Van de Peer, Y., T-L. Ashman, P.S. Soltis and D.E. Soltis. 2020. Polyploidy: an evolutionary and ecological force in stressful times. The Plant Cell 33: 11–26 

Cullen, N., Fetters, A.M and T-L Ashman. 2020. Integrating microbes into pollination.

Current Opinion in Insect Science 


LeCroy, K. G. Arceo-Gómez, M.H Koski, N.I Morehouse, T-L. Ashman. 2020 Floral color properties of serpentine seep assemblages depend on community size and species richness. Frontiers in Plant Science doi: 10.3389/fpls.2020.602951


Arceo-Gómez, G., R. Kaczorowski, C. Patel and T-L. Ashman. 2019. Interactive effects between donor and recipient species mediate fitness costs of heterospecific pollen receipt in a coflowering community. Oecologia 189: 1041-1047 


Russell, A.L. M. Rebolleda-Gómez, T.M. Shaible, and T-L Ashman. Movers and shakers: bumble bee foraging behavior shapes the dispersal of microbes among and within flowers. Ecosphere 10 (5), e02714 


Johnson, A. L. M. Rebolleda-Gómez and T-L Ashman. 2019. A century of environmental disturbance impacts quality of pollen transfer for native tropical dry forest plants. American Naturalist 194(3): 


Burns, J. H., J. M. Bennett, J. Li, J. Xia, G. Arceo-Gómez, M. Burd, L. A. Burkle, W. Durka, A. G. Ellis, L. Freitas, J. G. Rodger, J. C. Vamosi, M. Wolowski, T.-L. Ashman, T. M. Knight and J. A. Steets. 2019. Invasive species produce few ovules per flower and large numbers of flowers, resulting in reproductive success even when pollinators limit reproduction. New Phytologist 


Arceo-Gómez, G., A. Schroeder, C. Albor, B. Suarez, T. K. Knight, J. Bennet, T-L Ashman and V. Parra-Tabla. 2019. Global geographic patterns of heterospecific pollen receipt: uncovering potential ecological and evolutionary impacts across plant communities worldwide. Sci Reports 9:8086 |


Forrester, N.J. and T-L Ashman. Synthetic autotetraploids show that polyploidy alters the mutualism interface of legume-rhizobia interactions in Medicago sativa subsp. caerulea. American Journal of Botany (accepted June 2019) 

Johnson, A. L. and T-L Ashman. 2019. Interspecific pollen transfer network structure shifts along spatial invasion gradients in a diverse island ecosystem. New Phytologist 221:142-154 


Tennessen, J. Wei, N., S. Straub, R. Govindarajulu, A. Liston and T-L. Ashman. 2018. Repeated translocation of a gene cassette drives sex chromosome turnover in strawberries PLOS Biology 16(8): e2006062(Recommended by Faculty of 1000) 


Bennett, J.M., J. A. Steets, J. H. Burns, W. Durka, J. C. Vamosi, G. Arceo-Gómez, M. Burd, L. A. Burkle, A. G. Ellis, L. Freitas, J. Li, J. G. Rodger, M. Wolowski, J. Xia, T-L. Ashman, and T. M. Knight.  2018. GloPL: Global data base on pollen limitation of plant reproductive success. Nature Scientific Data 5, Article number: 180249.  


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Arceo-Gómez G., C. Alonso, T-L Ashman and V. Parra-Tabla. 2018. Variation in sampling effort affects the observed richness of plant-plant interactions via heterospecific pollen transfer: implications for interpretation of pollen transfer networks. American J Botany (DOI) - 10.1002/ajb2.1144 (140)


Knight, T. M., T.-L. Ashman, J. M. Bennett, J. H. Burns, S. Passonneau, and J. A. Steets. 2018. Reflections and visions on the changing field of pollination ecology. Ecology Letters 21: 1282–1295 (141)


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diversification across multiple genera of angiosperms. New Phytologist 209(3):1290-300. doi: 10.1111/nph.13696 (121)


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